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General Treatment

St Mary's Dental Practice is a contemporary Practice, staying up-to-date with advances in treatment techniques. We are able to provide a complete range of general dental care to our patients.

The team at St Mary's will listen to you and offer a number of options to meet your requirements, taking great care with making sure that a visit to the family Practice is a positive experience for all members of your family and especially the younger ones enabling them to grow up with good perceptions of oral hygiene so that they will be able to maintain exceptional and attractive smiles for life.

Your first appointment with Dr Ratti will involve an in-depth consultation, appointments can be made and an estimate of costs will be provided.


Composite Fillings



Dental Health Reviews

Fissure Sealants

Hygiene Treatment

Root Canal Treatment


Tooth Whitening

Wisdom Teeth Extraction and more complex surgery if needed